Episode 2: Music for Cows – Viral Superficiality. Your hosts Richard Gilbert and Jeff Cairns continue their exploration of art process in everyday life. Today we have a special guest with us, from across the big pond; John March, an audio and video engineer, producer, artist, composer, musician, who offers a fascinating hour, speaking on his career in contemporary music, the zeitgeist of its ins and outs, and the challenge of maintaining a spiritually creative vision–from the early 80s, to this present moment. 

As well, he has written The Dharmic Gap, a poem we have scored for our WTF, the Wondrous Transmogrified Filaments for this episode. Check it out! And please enjoy.

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For more information about John’s Guitar work including a sampler page, client testimonials, etc:

For Information about John’s work as a Filmmaker and Mixer:

John’s YouTube channel to subscribe:


and some Live performance videos:


John’s Films about various artists and musicians that he wrote, produced, scored and mixed:

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